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  • Dear Community The Analog Society is a growing organisation designed to bring people closer to artistic movements that inspire us all. Our goal is to merge talented and forward thinking artists in the best surroundings possible in order for their inspiration to flourish and their message be heard by the right audience. On the 18th of July, we first presented our concept to a really positive and responsive crowd. The even lasted 18 hours and during this period of time everything was built around important principles: freedom and interaction. Our next event will be on the 14th of November and this time, we have decided to take it further.. To start, a complete quadraphonic sound system will be built for the occasion. ► 4 active channels throwing sound from all corners of the painter's atelier, independently. For reference, 4.0 sound systems are mostly used for cinematic purposes.  Then, for our listening pleasure, we are proud to present some of the most forward analog artists and performers of today: ✧ BURNT FRIEDMAN (live) One of Germany’s most long established and highly rated electronic musician with a career spanning almost 40 years. From the beginning of the movement and under many different names, Burnt Friedman one of the most interesting figures currently operating in – or, breaking away from – the amorphous, greyscale nebula we call "electronica". His sound is so rich and diverse that it stands at the apex of those traditions that really matter in the history of true artistic evolution : power, beauty, invention and insurrection" His collaboration include: Jaki Liebezeit (Drummer of CAN), Hayden Chisholm, Root70, Mark Ernestus, Steve Jansen and David Sylvian ( Nine Horses ) and also with Atom™ under the name "Flanger". His label is called "Nonplace" and contains 40 releases up to date. ✧ TRANSISTORS OF MERCY (live) " From building their own modular machines, and putting together an abusing amount of different types of analog circuitry, their extended live set walks you through a pure improvised realm of hypnotizing, sound sculpting and rarely achieved sonic performance. Their - on stage - shamanic research of "shark wave" & experimental is so technologically forward that it actually should be considered scientific. Thus, with their arsenal of custom made modular systems, you will find a modified Roland 606 drum machine as well as an array of obscure little appliances often far removed from their original function. Primarily interested in having fun while jamming and NOT to be found at every corner, they are the true electronic musicians and Berlin's finest adult music actors: Endai Eldritch, Toby Marx, Run Gunn, Olaf Morrison & Doktor Avalanche. ✧ BABY VULTURE (Vinyl) Daniela Huerta’s interest in sound and music as an art form has encouraged her to develop her own musical direction under the moniker: Baby Vulture. Utilising her broad and eclectic taste in various art projects and sound productions, she has become passionate about left-field, genre bending music. Her selection is truly unique and it is with no surprise that she is quickly making a mark for herself as an original figure in contemporary electronic music. Links: Burnt Friedman: Transistors of mercy: Baby Vulture: Also, a live painting and a multi media installation will be built to create a visual dimension in accordance to the music. Finally, for our taste and comfort, a fine selection of drinks will be crafted at our drink station and will be available through the whole event. For more information please join our mailing list by sending us a message at: [email protected] And / or ask to be invited to our secret FB group. Looking forward to share with you. The Analog Society
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