Lush presents Captain Quacker Pool Party

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    DJ Zaskar DJ Flik Funk K DJ GrooveDoctor DJ Van
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  • We have finally found the heinous fiend holding our little rubber duckies captive, it none other than the evil Captain Quacker. Come help us pay the ransom and set our ducks free in their rightful pond. Drink rum and be merry this Dec 7 (Sunday) as we convert Market Place into a pirate's secret lair. Kindly email us your name before Dec 6 for entry as this will be a invitation only party (first come first serve basis). Oh ya, by the way, the best dress pirate will win Captain Quacker's golden loot.... Aye, Aye, Matey and see you then ;o) Ransom:- RM 40 (1 Duck + 1 Water Musket + 1 Bandana/towel + 1 Drink= 1 Essential Pirate Kit) Melody Mateys Rocking the Boat : DJ Zaskar, DJ Flik, Funk K & DJ Van with Guest medic, DJ GrooveDoctor For more info:- Neuron - 0166959663 Pulse - 0126985284 p.s. Sorry bout the ruse and much love & appreciation to those of you who expressed serious concern for our ducks. ---------------------------------------------- *** IMPORTANT *** TO PARTY, YOU MUST BE ABOVE 21 YEARS OF AGE. ILLICIT DRUGS, FIREARMS AND OTHER ITEMS WITH THE POTENTIAL TO CAUSE BODILY HARM ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. THE ORGANISERS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY & TO REMOVE GUESTS WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE OR CAUSE
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