Mad Racket Nye 08/09

  • An Oasis of Quality Amid a Desert of Hype – The No Fuss Don’t Call It A Recession Party: “Who Is That Freak?” This New Year’s Eve, join Mad Racket at the Bowlo for an intimate soiree to usher in 2009. This year we have kept it all-local and all good. So pack a few tickets in your Christmas stocking and get on down in the industrial Inner West. A special array of Bowl-O-Sonic speakers are being sourced for this event in the Ceremonial Ballroom and Raffle centre, in our constant search for the best sound in Sydney. Special locker room privileges are available to everyone, and the smoking section with the finest greens going will be open for business. Dressing is encouraged. Door prizes for the best disguises. Come incognito and trick your friends, pretend to be your idol or enemy for a night, or just come in disguise because you were meant to be minding the kids… think of the possibilities!