Signal > Noise v1.303: Shawn Rudiman & Sassmouth

  • Signal > Noise v1.303: the fourth update in Rochester's sequence of intimate gatherings featuring DJs and artists at the forefront of house and techno. SHAWN RUDIMAN evokes awe and reverence from techno-heads worldwide. With a truly enviable hardware studio and dozens of releases on Technoir Audio, 7th City, Matrix and God Particle, he’s long been a well-respected figure in the global techno community. Proudly representing Pittsburgh, Shawn can be considered an honorary Detroiter and a national treasure through his tireless championing of pure, uncompromising techno delivered in its most raw and vital form: LIVE with his machines laid out before him. No stranger to Tresor, Berghain, Bunker, Hot Mass and Detroit's Movement festival, Shawn will be bringing his formidable live setup to 45 Euclid and bombarding us with his brilliant electronic sound. SASSMOUTH has been a popular mainstay of Chicago’s vibrant house and techno community for years. Through her DJ residencies at Chicago's Smart Bar, San Fran’s popular As You Like It club night, and her own Naughty Bad Fun Collective, Sassmouth has firmly established her place in world of techno and house music. A strong champion of underground stateside talent, she can be credited with connecting and propelling our country's best DJs and producers through her residencies and acclaimed record label, God Particle. When she's behind the decks and in front of an enthralled crowd of sweaty dancers, she brings a merciless ass-whipping every time. It’s with pride that we are introducing Western NY to two of our country’s best techno secret operatives...with certainty that they will annihilate your body into subatomic particles at the fourth update in the Signal > Noise series. Don’t miss this.
  • Signal > Noise v1.303: Shawn Rudiman & Sassmouth - Flyer front
    Signal > Noise v1.303: Shawn Rudiman & Sassmouth - Flyer back