Studio Soulrock Release Party

  • Now available: Studio Soulrock 002! Whe're proud to present you the second release from the Studio Soulrock Label. The track is produced by Steven de Peven & San Proper and called 'Hupsers & Kletsers for life'. It's remixed by the German based Steffi and the Dutch artist Pitto, who deliverd both a different sound that makes the release very versatile and playable for everyone! Some international artists allready gave their comment about it, check it out! - Raresh i love the tracks .. very musical and has that funk flavour inside .. - Karotte i like the steffi and the pitto rmx. i had play this the weekend. great remixes. - Laurent Garnier This is great , i like the 3 mixes. Will play this a lot. - Delano Smith Really like the Pitto Batser mix. Good energy and thick sound. Big Room Banger! will be rollin' that one the regular! - James Priestly Just listening to the pitto mix again – is pretty rocking actually..!