CTM.09 - Spektral Disko & Alain Finkielkrautrock

  • Norwegian Space Disco mastermind Lindstrøm will headline a shining club night on two floors that brings together some of the very best artists in the fields between Nu-Disco, Psychedelia, Edits and Kraut Electronics. Coming from a musical background that couldn't be further away from dance music Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has become the shooting star of the Norwegian electronic music scene and beyond. His intoxicating tracks are influenced by 60s and 70s rock and pop without staying on that well trodden retro path. With his unusual approach to music Lindstrøm brings fresh air to dancefloors worldwide. Lindstrøm will share the first stage with some of the very masters of handmade, warm but mysterious analogue disco sounds. Real live music made for the dancefloor to be delivered by The Emperor Machine, French Disco pioneers Black Devil Disco Club and Dutch Cosmic Disco favourites Elitechnique. Lindstrøm's partner in crime Prins Thomas will round up the night with a DJ-set. Meanwhile the second stage will be taken over by the new wave of French dance music, starring the Dirty Sound System and its offsprings Discodeine and Pilooski. On top you get the first German concert of analogue devotees Zombie Zombie.