CTM.09 - Funk Mundial & Jahtari Bass Invasion

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    Main Stage: Funk Mundial Filastine, Maga Bo & MC BNegão, Mujava, Ghislain Poirier, Sweat.X, Radioclit Second Stage: Jahtari Bass Invasion Disrupt, Jahtari Riddim Force feat Mikey Murka, Clause Four, Clouds, Piece of Shh…, Mungos Hifi
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  • Call it Tropical, Funk Mundial, Outernational, Metropolitan Bass or Transnational Ghettotech – CTM.09''s Opening Club Night will embark on a border-smashing trip to the new hybrids of metroplitan street music from around the globe. On January 23rd the CTM.09 Opening Club Night at Maria am Ostbahnhof will pool some of the brightest producers of global urban music that work on the highly prolific collision of regional styles, local sound recordings, rhythms and transnational bass heavy beats to create dancefloor hybrids that are impossible to classify. Exploring the post-geographical territories between styles such as Fidget, Breakbeat, HipHop, Kwaito, Cumbia, Baile Funk, Kuduro, Coupé Decalé, Middle Eastern Music, Bhangra, Reggaeton, Dancehall and son on will be Sweat.X and DJ Mujava from South Africa, Maga Bo and MC BNegao from Rio, Ghislain Poirier from Montréal, Radioclit from London, and Filastine from who knows where. On the second stage the Leipzig based Jahtari label will assemble a bunch of key protagonists of the new generation of Digital Laptop Reggae. Expect subsonic Dub-Tunes and Dancehall Mash-up from outer space with Jahtari foundig father Disrupt, Belgrade''s Piece of Shh..., UK''s Clause Four, sound system champions Mungo''s Hifi, Clouds from Finland and the Jahtari Riddim Force teaming-up with Jamaican born MC and member of London''s legendary Unity Sound System Mikey Murka.