Sundaymusiq After Christmas Special

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    Titonton Duvante_Brooklyn, NY/USA Dee M_dazKLUB* Juraj (aka Unix)_silence Brano Petrek _silence
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  • sundayMusiq afterChristmas special, presents theGift. Titonton Duvante @ theRussian! full support of sundayMusiq djnators 28th december 2008 18:00 theRussian / russian bar / aka A10 267 kingsland road E2 8AS London Hey Guys! We've got something special! sundayMusiq has a present for you! And it’s not just anything. First official guest for after Christmas sundayMusiq is a person whose releases appeared on labels such as planet e, sonar kollektiv, environ, palette, 2000Black and many more. DJ, producer and owner of the restaurant – titonton duvante from Brooklyn in New York City… Come and take this more than exclusive musical present on first sunday after Christmas at TheRussian. And of course apart from Titonton Duvante there are your favourite dee m, juraj and braño. three dj-nators music of third millenium 2 rooms FIVE pounds entry / guest list THREE pounds To be on guest list email [email protected] sundayMusiq team and theRussian bring for you After Christmas special “the only music we like“ for more information visit..
  • Sundaymusiq After Christmas Special - Flyer front
    Sundaymusiq After Christmas Special - Flyer back