Likes Of You & Hear Now Pres. Alex Kid [rekids, France]

  • Hear Now and The Likes Of You present.. The Return of Alex Kid. ..with Radiator, T-Rek, Boogs and Spacey Space for one night only at Melbourne's institution of music, Revolver. Doors open 10pm and Tickets are $15 from the door ONLY. There's NO guest list so don't bother asking. Been under a rock lately?? here is everything you need to know and then some about Mr Kid... Alex Kid - Rekids, Cadenza Recordings. Born French from a Spanish mother in 1975, Alexis Mauri aka Alexkid is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, re-mixer, DJ and experienced sound engineer. His growing reputation of first class artist/producer and his knowledge of the dance floors made him a requested DJ. His Sets are jumping from Old Disco cuts to Chicagoan House and Garage and he’s been playing regularly across Europe and the U.S.A for the last two years. He originally got hooked to music at the age of fifteen, playing guitar in numerous funk school bands. It's only a few years later that he started getting involved in electronic music while learning sound engineering . Signed to French leading electronic label F-Communications in 1997, Alexkid will release a series of 4 Eps, until 2000, all to critical acclaim. Always on a Deep tip, his productions are mainly influenced by movie soundtracks and show an amazing diversity of styles from jazzy nu-house to Drum & Bass and abstract hip-hop. BIENVENIDA - his long-awaited first album released in 2001 - confirms the creativity of a composer exploring new musical fields while bearing his original trademark of joyful and grooving electronic mood. Here, technology is transparent, serving feelings rather than inducing them even in the most electronic pieces such as Strawberry Lane or Bienvenida. Including edited and remastered versions of previously released tracks, Bienvenida also contains two remixes from his first EP, the cinematic "Maybe" and the reconstruction of "I Think" by Richard Dorfmeister. Five new pieces complete the album two of which featuring guest vocalists and co-writers Ursula Rucker (4Hero/King Britt/The Roots), who gives a brilliant reading of her poetry in "Fear In Flight", and Hanifah Walidah (Brooklyn Funk Essentials) whose soulful performance illuminates "Not Every Angel". MINT, his second album is released in August 2003 to much critical acclaim from the European press. Back in studio with Hanifah Walidah (Pick It Up), he also calls in Cuban singer Lissette Alea and Scottish singer Ian James Whitelaw for the vocals of some brilliant electronic pop songs (Come With Me, Turn It Round Again). Very special guest is Jon Hassell, the legendary trumpet player who co-writes the title track of the album. Playing various instruments all along, Alexkid also knows how to gather perfect teams of excellent musicians among them Stéfane Goldman (guitars), Jean-Philippe Rykiel (keyboards, reknown for his pioneering works with the likes of Salif keita and Youssou N'Dour), label mate Ready Made, Christian Lechevretel and Renaud Pion (wind instruments, (both with impressive credits from Peter Gabriel to Dead Can Dance), Yvo Abadi, Philippe Monrose (percussions) or DJ Seep. It is with some of them that Alexkid has toured all over Europe from September 2003 till July 2004. CARACOL, his third album is released in September 2006 : touched by grace from beginning to end... a true master stroke... minimalist but refined... the press is at the rendez-vous again. Caracol is all about catchy rhythms with an organic feel and immediate dance floor flavours but for the opener – River Flow - an electronified deconstruction of Keith Thompson’s vocals, and for the closing Back And Forth – an eerie ballad co-written and beautifully sang by Daniella D’Ambrosio (featured in Nouvelle Vague’s first album and “Bleed” by Aswefall with whom she penned and performed the song for the latest Air France advertising campaign). All the rest is drilling, not chilling. Flashes of funk, echoes of Detroit and Chicago, slight touches of techno, hypnotic bars and beats, you name it there it is, but often in very unpredictable ways : from the bombastic progression of Decibelly to the twisted Nightshade (where Alexkid and Lissette Alea push their collaboration a step beyond gentleness), from Love Letters (already a must of Alex’s DJ sets) to Basic which title says it all, from Orm filled with atmospheric sparks to the epic Caracol and the relentless flow of Mare Alta, every track is condensed pleasure, minimal while sexy, abstract while physical, modern while paying its dues to the history of electronic music with elegance and attitude. For Podcasts and other music related humor check:
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