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    A Guy Called Gerald (DE) MAINSTAGE: MATT VEGA (Fumakilla) Toketronic(Clever People, Club30) HAHN & SONNE (DK) PHASE OFF (SE) Bacid (SE) BASEMENT: FREEMOND + GUESTS LOUNGE: TOP OF THE POPS - LOST BOYS (DK)
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  • A Guy Called Gerald New Album : Proto Acid - The Berlin Sessions Released 12th AUGUST 2006 (Laboratory Instinct) Earlier this year, A Guy Called Gerald (Gerald Simpson) made his Laboratory Instinct debut with a drop-tech infusion mix of Dell & Fl..gels Superstructure that appeared on the duos Study For A Skyscraper EP. Now the British acid house pioneer and drumnbass legend issues his own superb full-length on the German imprint, the appropriately-titled Proto Acid - The Berlin Sessions. Having literally influenced generations of music-makers with an incredible discography thats grown incrementally deeper since the 80s, the Manchester UK native and now Berlin resident executes the infectious 71-minute jam with a masterful meticulousness. Drenching Detroit-styled techno in sparkling electro, the set, recorded live in one session using two laptops and a DJ mixer at Geralds Diehold Studio on February 11th, 2006, flows with a relaxed ease. With one exception (Auto Rebuild, the third track, is a remake of 1990s Automannik), the albums 24 raw, club-oriented tracks are all new and were created over the last year in Berlin. The collection departs from the style of his last full-length, To All Things What They Need, in many ways, the most obvious being the absence of singing. Asked why he decided to make Proto Acid The Berlin Sessions wholly instrumental, Simpson doesnt mince words. "On my last two albums, I felt pressured to include vocals", he replies. "Nowadays, I feel singers should be put on a bale of hay with a piece of straw hanging out of their mouths while playing acoustic guitarkeeping it real, if you know what I mean. I want to make music for clubs and sometimes you just have to get down and dirty into the machines and, to take it there, you cant hold anyones hand. Some things just dont need a vocal. What Im trying to do is keep myself entertained as well as give the punters something new."
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