Dirtygroove 4th Birthday feat Fergie

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    Inigo Bar
    • 642 Wandsworth Road; Clapham; London SW8 3JW; United Kingdom
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  • DirtyGroove turn a big, bad 4 on Friday 5th December and we thought why not invite the biggest, baddest guest we’ve ever had back to the decks for this momentous occasion. Let’s cut to the chase….it’s FERGIE! Fergie seems to have been around for while now. Yet at 28, we forget that he was just a lad when he began the amazing journey that he is still riding high on. Anyone worth their salt knows his much-fabled story so let’s talk about the now…. 2008 couldn’t have been busier for Fergie. He maintained an international pedigree which saw him play at Sonar in Barcelona, Metropolis in Bulgaria, Meganite in Ibiza & the Berlin Love Parade. Add to that a whirlwind of gigs that took in Hong Kong, Australia, Israel, Poland, and America where he even did a 7 day tour of the Curran-Holding Prison Correctional Facility in Philadelphia! These days Fergie is the producer of stunningly good Techno that has seen the likes of Slam, Laurent Garnier and Dubfire smash floors all over the world with his tunes and he is firing on all cylinders at the moment with his recent releases climbing high in all the charts that matter. After shaking off the Hard Dance shackles Fergie is today free to play how he wants and is not held back by perceptions and tags from the past. He continues to be a global representative for electronic music by consistently breaking down underground barriers and bringing new music to the people without compromise. He has never forgotten that it's still just a rave, a place where people are trying to escape the realities of urban life each and every weekend. A proven forward-thinker, a trendsetter; Fergie has become a master of evolving his sound to keep one step ahead of the rest. Constantly developing and never standing still. For Fergie, this is a way of life and we’re delighted to have him back on the Inigo decks. “Is it really 4 years?!” we hear you cry. Well, yes! And that has meant 4 years of storming tunes, 4 years of supreme guest DJs and 4 years of you lot aka the most up-for-it crowd around. Friday 5th December will be no different so get your dancing shoes on and we’ll see you on the tables! Residents on duty will be Nick Ronin, Dave Joyce, Tom Allan & Rysty. Entry is free before 10, £5 until 11 and £8 after. Don't forget to e-mail [email protected] to get you and your friends on our free shot list!
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