B.R.A. Vs Freakshow Disco

  • *** Tickets available from HOT RATS, Sunderland *** We've invited the residents of Newcastle's freshest and most uniquely branded club night, FREAKSHOW DISCO. In the summer of 2007 5 North-East DJs started Audiodictum.com, a place for all things DJ, musical and mix based. Recently they've introduced mix competitions via Facebook which have been a stunning success and generating a lot of interest. Not to mention, 2 of the B.R.A. residents have won in successive months, which made us very proud we must say. check out the Audiodictum.com link below for all previous winners and you can download or stream mixes. http://audiodictum.com September '08 marked the launch of their collaborative club night 'Freakshow Disco' which has had awesome local guests that I'm sure most will know... James Auton James Wright (Made In Music) Matty Gillespie (Sugarshack) Ian Blevins (Ward10/We Love...) So expect some serious tunage and entertainment from this Tyne & Wear derby! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// DAVID KENNEY http://audiodictum.com/david-kenney David Kenney discovered music at a very young age, when he inherited a shabby old Walkman from his older brother. With the Walkman came three albums - “Number of the beast” by Iron Maiden, “Bad” by Micheal Jackson & “Oxygene” by Jean Michelle Jarre. He’s never looked back since. Influenced heavily by the above artists, together with many more along the way, David doesn’t treat genres as boundaries but as challenges. This attitude, coupled with vinyl, CDs, Laptops, Effects units & on occasion a Stylophone, make for some very engaging and interesting sets… ///////////////////////////////////////////////// STEVE CLARKE http://audiodictum.com/steve-clarke Steve clarke first began to dabble with electronic music in 1995 when he scored his first set of decks. He’d been stocking up on Techno and D&B vinyl since 1992, so he got stuck in, and one year later he gained a runner-up position in “Muzik” Magazines “Bedroom Bedlam” Comp. Not impressed? It was the first tape he’s ever recorded. Stick that in your crack pipe... ///////////////////////////////////////////////// DAVE NICHOLSON http://audiodictum.com/dave-nicholson Normal people play with toys when they’re kids, not Dave, he played with hifi’s and any record he could get his mucky little mits on. Being a child who played records for his family progressed into being a big kid who still loves to play music to people; whether he’s blending together upfront house & techno cuts or his own unique productions. People who have seen Dave play know he thrives on spontaneity, and his antics both on and off the decks are guaranteed to entertain. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// 10pm - 4am £3 tickets + BF / £5 door *** Tickets available from HOT RATS, Sunderland ***