Discotequa Tropical feat Quantic

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    • 83 Rivington Street; Hoxton; London EC2A 3AY; United Kingdom
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  • Will Holland a.k.a. Quantic has managed to become one of the worlds most sought after DJs, producers and musicians. His style was developed and born in Brighton, England through beats and breaks carved-out on the Tru Thoughts label and gaining him worldwide acclaim. His Quantic Soul Orchestra brought an eclectic mix showing real musicianship to a floundering scene and helped him develop a love of live music. His collaborated famously with Alice Russell, Spanky Wilson, The Limp Twins and NYC's Nickodemus (Mi Swing is Tropical) which has helped to cement his place in history with some truly classic creations and collaborations. He has recently found himself held-up in Cali de Santiago, Columbia chasing his unfaltering love of Columbian music and all things tropical.
  • Discotequa Tropical feat Quantic - Flyer front