RA Christmas Party feat Modeselektor

  • Ready to get into the Christmas spirit? RA is. <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=841>Modeselektor</a> will bring their trademark A/V bonanza to <a href=club-detail.aspx?id=12012>matter</a> for the RA Xmas bash, with <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=683>DJ Koze</a>, <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=816>Lawrence</a> and <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=1731>Move D</a> (among others) all ready to provide support. This year is the first time that we've decided to do a Christmas party, and we've pulled out all the stops to bring you something special. Taking place at Fabric's new state-of-the-art matter venue, we've got a feast of visual and audio treats that'll make you think that Christmas has come five days early. Headlining the festivities will be <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=841>Modeselektor</a>, who are bringing their long-time visual collaborators Pfadfinderei to take advantage of matter's unique high-tech AVL (audio, visual and lighting) system, which enables the VJ to project onto any surface in the main auditorium. As you may know from their 2005 <i>Labland</i> DVD, the selektor's and Pfadfinderei are a close-knit operation, so expect a few seizure-inducing visuals in and among the inevitable champagne dousings that Modeselektor are celebrated for. Kompakt's <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=683>DJ Koze</a> hasn't played a gig in London since last December's Allez Allez party at Plastic People, so we decided to take a chance on bringing the oddball DJ back to the capital city. We have no idea what he'll be playing, but keep an ear out for the bass drum—it's been known to disappear for minutes at a time during his eclectic sets. For those who can't get enough of said drum, we've got you covered too: <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=1731>Move D</a> will be jetting in to take things a little deeper, along with Manchester-based funk and soul head <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=2208>Trus'me</a>, who's been making waves of late with his <a href=record-label.aspx?id=1482>Prime Numbers</a> imprint. Oh. And did we mention there'll be a live set from noted melancholic and <a href=record-label.aspx?id=823>Dial</a> head-honcho <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=816>Lawrence</a>? That'll be for the ones who are spending the holidays alone, while French party animals <a href=dj-page.aspx?id=1379>dOP</a> will remind you how fun the holidays can be. (If you have a drunk uncle screaming into a microphone, that is.)
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