Coors Light Silver Session: Dj Craze

  • COORS LIGHT SILVER SESSION & FORWARD MUSIQ! PRESENT: CRAZE (HIP-HOP/ BREAKS/ DRUM 'N' BASS) KANYE WEST TOUR DJ / DMC CHAMPION 98, 99, 00 Craze's life is a legacy of rags to riches, geek to chic, no-name to world fame. He never had it easy from fleeing battle in Nicaragua at the age of 3 to a geeky adolescence to Hurricane Andrew hitting Miami in 1992 nor did have ever have any coattails to ride; his is a story that's an uphill battle, but a story that ends right at the top. "My mom always taught me I could do anything I put my mind to. So when she asked what I wanted to do with my turntables, I told her, 'Be the best DJ in the world,'" Craze casually laughs. And that he proved 3 times at the DMC World Championships, an unprecedented record, and a title that no other solo DJ has yet to match. While Craze is regarded internationally and unquestionably as one of the best scratch DJs in the world, it's still astonishing to see his overwhelming number of titles on paper: Craze has won first place for the USA DMC Championships in 1998, World ITF Scratch Off Championships in 1998, ITF Western Hemisphere Scratch Off Championships (1998, '99), Winter Music Conference Scratch Off Champion (1996, '97, '98, '99), East Coast DMC Championships (1997), East Coast Rap Sheet Championships (1996) and Zulu National Championships (1995, '96), to name but a few. Additionally, DJ Craze claimed 2nd place in the first DMC Team Championship with his Allies' crew (which included fellow champions A-Trak and Infamous) in 1999 and then in 2000, the Allies' won the Team Championship title, taking it from the previous year's winners the Scratch DJ CRAZE... DMC WORLD CHAMPION 98, 99, 00 LOCAL TALENT BY: ALKALINA (TECHNO) DA DWEK (MINIMALTECH) TRIXX ... FW RECORDINGS (DRUM 'N' BASS) CLUB KRASH (AVE. PONCE DE LEON) $10 W/ FLYER, $12 W/O FLYERS 10PM - 6AM COME AS U ARE......... FOR FLYERS OR BOTTLE SERVICE CALL 787-668-6186 OR 787-368-6250 OR 787-603-7299 /WEST COAST 787-671-5175 ENJOY..........
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  • Coors Light Silver Session: Dj Craze - Flyer front