• Venue
    • Konstitucijos prospektas 26, Vilnius 08106, Lithuania ‎
  • Date
    Wed, 31 Dec 200822:00 - 6:00
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    • 1
  • Vilnius Forum Palace - NYE CELEBRATION 2008 Sensacion Dance music professionals and the only capturing the thousands of mines in Lithuania "Pure Culture" will celebrate the New Year in Vilnius. Vilnius entertainment center "Forum Palace" at the club Balsas.lt "and the restaurant Terazza New Year bar people waiting for the exclusive event" NYE Celebration 2008 ". All of the Vilnius Festival fireworks as the palm of the hand. Entertainment center terrace is a convenient place, through its windows and a terrace open all Vilnius, so midnight on New Year fireworks lit the Lithuanian capital, all of the event, guests will be able to see how the palm of the hand. This is the second consecutive year celebrating the event. DJ plays Sensation White DJ Electricano played together with legends such as DJs David Morales, David Penn, Paul Jackson, Tim Deluxe, Shapeshift, Junior Jack & Kid Crème, Marco V, Tom Novy, Joe Le Groove, Marc Hughes, Chloe Harris, Jody Wisternoff, Mark Wilkinson, Jonathan Lisle Pierre Ravan, Tim Andersen, Guy Williams, Martin Enzo, DJ Grad, Happyendless DJ Team, Bogdan Taran and other ... 2007 Electricano is elected to the Dutch music giant ID & T Sensation participate in the events. Wonderful feeling - as a podium on stage, and after it is 40,000 people, all waiting for, you start your piece created and the crowd begins to rustle .... There is nothing better to say DJ Elektrikano. Elektrikano has its own publishing company which released works perfectly purchased online trade. Radio stations topuose stars The event, participants will Is a famous family from Lithuania - Justin Xara and Julia Fedotova. Their work has so far successfully Lavra all Lithuanian radio stations. During these years, they played Ibiza, Moscow and Israel. Pure Culture agency, they earned the title of super stars. As soon as Christmas is spent on long-awaited triple performers disc. The theater, makeup and costumes What was the last major public's interest in receiving "Pure Culture" Carnival in Trakai castle and Halloween mask already min noted that the Dance Theater is completely different than the usual night clubs. With known susidraugave Organizers choreographer Kestutis Baranauskas as each year has created a completely new motion, make-up and costumes puošniu masters of theater. So the audience will again exceptional request of a dancer, topless naked body goddess, skilfully make up Mimas, and actors. Specefects Holidays promoters of "Pure Culture" has the agreement of 2009-Year Club, visitors are not left without a positive emotive snow, soap bubbles, the cold air gun, and laser systems. Such a beam special effects no one else Lithuania does not use, so it felt like the weather is heating, snow and coming rapture. Prices: Ticket prices: A ticket from 20eur. 80eur day of the event. Tables reservation of EUR 120. You can book a table and Balsas.lt "and" Terazza halls. - Www.bilietai.lt Table is the only ticket reservation desk, the man the ticket is not valid. VIP lodges - 2000 €. 10 people in separate seating area 3a. The balcony. - All the lodges for sale. Tickets are distributed Bilietai.lt
  • NYE - Flyer front