• ars Fenin started to make music as a guitarist end of the 80 ties in random post-wave /reggae- band projects in his hometown hamburg. After serveral visits to berlin in 1993 he decided to move there, and found himself back in raisin east-berlin with its fresh and unconvential potential of new arts, clubs, and squatted house-partys. After continueing the post-rock-stuff in a 3 member band fenin went more and more into dub/reggae type o music, and founded 1996 his own reggae –band“tribal notes“, musically ranging from dub/experimental to straight roots orientated songs. In 1996 all changed of a sudden after the first outdoor rave and visits of drum´n bass partys in berlin. In 1997 fenin bought his first synthesizer, and an atari 1040 st sequencer, producing little dub/bass/electro pieces in his small homestudio. Fenins first release soon followed on a compilation –vinyl, done by friends in Hamburg (jungs und mädels). After that he played his first live-sets with a friend and an 808 bouncing in the back. In 1999 contact was made to at that time unkown label Shitkatapult, and in 2000 fenins first release followed under alias „herr pitzelberger“. since now fenin has released serveral 12 ´s and two albums for shitkatapult, also he did 12´s and remixes for labels like revolver, mitek, echocord, textone, eintakt, etc. side projects/collaborations with mikael stavöstrand,d-meteo, k.j.gibson, der dritte raum and had played live all over europe. soundwise fenins production ranging from dubby -vocal-reggae tunes (feat gorbi) to cordish tech steppers to electronika alike soundscapes.
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