Zerrbild Five Year Birthday Party

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    Superpitcher (Kompakt/Köln) Ned Flanders (Echocord/Culture Box) DJ Tania & Daniel Kaarill Selector Sakena & Missekatten
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  • In 2003, two friends met by coincidence at a party in an old warehouse. By chance they heard a DJ set that inspired them to start a new club project, breaking down boundaries in the underground music scene of Copenhagen. The set was played by Superpitcher - a DJ and producer from the renowned label Kompakt in Cologne. His music is famous for a sound identified by trancy sound layers, heavy organic influence, and 4-to-the-floor frantic basslines for your dancing feet. Five years later Superpitcher plays all over the world as a solo DJ, but also live, together with Michael Mayer as SuperMayer. We can't imagine a better 5 year birthday present, than bringing back the man who started it all, treating Copenhagen to one of the biggest names in techno and house. If there is one DJ that can convert you from a novice to a techno music lover, it's Superpitcher. Over time Zerrbild has become a ground breaking project - presenting overlooked prodigies, and new talents soon to be mega stars - in a unique atmosphere of quality sound, light, and (free) booze. This is OUR birthday - see you on the floor!