Genesis - Crown Productions Nye feat Frankie Bones

  • FRANKIE BONES - (Ecler DJ Division / System Recordings / East Music Group NY) - NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -house and techno- Brooklyn 1973. New York's Frankie Bones not yet old enough to cross the street finds his way through the abandoned freight tracks at the end of his block to a flea market. It was there that this young boy became addicted to something that was later admired upon. 'I'm a vinyl junky, I've been buying records every weekend since 1973. It didn't take me long to figure out that records were made for people who D.J., and I love to to turn people on to music'. Soon the grafitti writer turned producer was propelled into the limelight and was receiving huge success via his partnership with Tommy Musto (Musto & Bones). With releases such as 'Dangerous on the Dancefloor' and the album 'The Future is Ours' the hoouse phenomenom was born. He soon began solo projects releasing an innovative series of 12's on his Breakin' Bones imprint. At 5.30am on the 26th August, 1989 Frankie Bones walked on stage in front of 25, 000 people. The event was called 'Energy', and was to go down in history. Frankie Bones, often termed the "Godfather" of the rave scene, has spent more than two-thirds of his life devoted electronic music. He got a start earlier than most. At only eleven years of age Bones had what he deems his first true experience in clubbing. Every Saturday from that fateful day in May 1978 until 1982, Bones went to Roll-A-Palace, a rollerskating rink in Brooklyn with a dancefloor and "forward thinking" DJ's, as he puts it. There he learned the basic concepts of how to format music from being a regular patron on a weekly basis. By the summer of 1979, at the age of twelve, Bones had already wired two turntables to the same stereo signal to enable him to start the next record while the one playing faded out. "My father found a box called a 1-4 Audio splitter which was a mixer with four slides marked Audio 1-4 and that was it. The art of mixing came by accident when I took two 45's of 'Good Times' and
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