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    Free Disco(Rong music, Electric Minds)Bedroom bounce(Pasha Restaurant) nudymann(countless beat) Special guest Bergas(Indonesia)
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  • Work those guns and strike a pose... After a packed night at the Moustache Bar, Horny Boogie is heading to the Russian for a pre-weekend warm up on Thursday 11th December. Resident DJs Free Disco (Rong Music / Electric Minds), Bedroom Bounce and Nudymann will be joined by special guest DJ Bergas (Indonesia). Most important Dj in Indonesia who used to live in NYC and experienced New York underground scene with Rong Music Crews.He will drop some exotic Flavour on the dance floor. Music: space disco, tropical funk, 70's + 80's boogie woogie, porn classics and more... 9pm - 5am free before 10pm / £3 after Limited guest list available - first come first served! Email [email protected] Join our group on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521102164&ref=ts#/group.php?gid=81582200122&ref=ts
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