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    Main (funk'n'breaks): BANDURA SOUNDSYSTEM (Unique /CH), Woo-D & Sushi (Good Foot), Ozo (Code.EP) PHONKEY XMASS floor (all styles funky beats'n'basslines): RDYO DJs soundsystem + special tribute to James Brown (25.12.2006) Video: Rex
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  • Bandura is a DJ/producer duo from Basl. As lads Jakub Samochowiec and Stefan Herzog got into funk, breakbeat, trip hop, bossa nova... , which is all very clear in their production in which they combine live instruments with melodic samples and programmed drums. In 2004 Bandura caught the eye of the legendary Düsseldorfs label Unique (where they take care of Malente, N.O.H.A., Frank Popp Ensamble...) and a year later released a very well received single “Gojira”. At the moment they are working on their first album. As DJs they play a great variety of styles, from funky breaks and brokenbeat to funk and hiphop.
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