Rdyo Djs Back To The Future

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    DnB / Jungle Klassics: RDYO DJs: JAMirko & Pier (DnB Top 10 set), Massimo, Bugi, Kobilca, Koltek The Original RDYO Hiphop: On the decks: Zeds, Fu, K'Pow (Golden 30s set), Maestro + open mic session Video: Rasta on the mouse
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  • Drum and Bass rhythms were first presented to the Slovenian audience in the beginning of the 90's, which led to legendary club nights such as Nexus, Space Sounday in Metropol or Privee floor in Ambasada Gavioli. This is where JAMirko, DJ Poha (alias Ali En) and DJ Callya broke the beats and became the ones to blame for the expansion of DnB around Slovenia. These first steps were shortly followed by a formation of RDYO collective, a crew that started Radyoyo nights in Channel 0 at Metelkova and in Club K4 and thus became the leading promoter of all sorts of broken rhythms, DnB being the leading genre. Based on their weekly radio show club events formed at which the RDYO crew regularly presented a whole rainbow of breakin' beats. Six DJs represented the core of the collective - JAMirko, Pier, Kobilca, Koltek, Massimo and Bugi, and although some of them don't DJ anymore at regular basis they will rejoin their forces ten years later for this event at Club K4, which, as it happens, celebrates it's 20th season. The event wishes to emphasize the ground-breaking Drum'n'Bass classics that remain fresh to this day. JAMirko and Pier, the energetic duo, will suggest to you 20 eternal DnB tracks and, with your help, will narrow it down to DnB Top 10 of all times classics. Everybody is invited to vote for their Top 10 at http://www.klubk4.org/program/05december/10k.html and those ten tracks that receive the most votes will be published as a podcast at www.klubk4.org on the day of the event. Delicious goodies for voters are available!!! Last, but not least, we have to tell you about the Original RDYO Hiphop floor which will kick off with nothing-short-of-a-cult open mic session with the original RDYO hip hop DJs Zeds, Fu, K’Pow and legendry Maestro, which will bring back the late-90's-at-K4 party atmosphere with their TrueSkool slection.
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