Smetnjak's Miami Vice Champ: Data

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    Main floor: datA (Ekler'o'shock, Naïve / FR), CASIOp (Sindikat), mk (Smetnjak), NubiS (Smetnjak) Bar floor: Platosuk (Scienceofuse), E. B. King (Scienceofuse), Tha Disko Don (Scienceofuse) Video: Mina Fina (Smetnjak)
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  • Smetnjak continues what it started and hosts a night with the French wonder boy of dirty electro, discodelic g-strings, cut&paste aesthetics and slap base. Smells like Justice? David Bayer aka datA is, next to Justice, SebastiAn, Surkin and Para One, one of the leaders of the French Daft Punk revival. His big break – mind you, he is only 22 – came with a remix of Temper's track Minuit Jacuzzi that spread like a fire in a house of matches. He followed it up by a string of remixes for the likes of The Neptunes, Nelson, Chromeo, Felix Da Housecat and quite a few others. Tha latest data projectile is a totally fresh track Rapture with Sébastien Grainger from Death From Above 1979 on the vocals. This track is a premonition of datA's first album Skywriter, which is to sound like Maniac from Flashdance, dancing to the title track of Miami Vice with his pupils opened wide.
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