Suck My Disco

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    • 136 York Street; Manchester; M1 7XN; United Kingdom
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    Sat, 20 Dec 200821.00 / 03.00
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  • SUCK MY DISCO IS AN EXISTING CLUB NIGHT THAT IS SOON TO TAKE OVER MANCHESTER. THE NIGHT IS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, WE HAVE A GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE BEHIND THIS THAT ARE ALL HOOKED INTO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, SO EXPECT SOME TOP SHELF MUSIC, WITH PARCULIAR DETAILING, TO MAKE ONE OF THE BEST 'INTIMATE' CLUB NIGHTS THE CITY HAS SEEN IN A LONG TIME. This is going to be the launch night for Suck My Disco - Manchester ***LAUNCH NIGHT - SATURDAY 20TH DEC 08*** BRINGING YOU THE SICKEST BEATS THIS SIDE OF THE CITY @ MANCHESTERS MOST INTERMET UNDERGROUND VENUE... SCUBAR BASEMENT 137 york street, manchester, m1 7xn JUST OFF OXFORD ROAD (SEE PICS FOR MAP) dj's include Dom Trofski Brian Murphy Matt Byrom These 3 producer/dj's will be serving up the finest in electro house throughout the night, touching on techno, tech house, nu rave and maybe even a little d&b... kick's off 9pm - 3am PRICE: £3 £2 with nus or £2 if you are on the facebook guestlist. in which you have to post your name and who ever you want on the guestlist to this page £4 after 11 if yourhave any queries about this for the wareabout or any other information then here is some contact details. mob: INFO: 07907757075 - 07516423262
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      £3 / £2 NUS or G.LIST
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