Krankenhaus Kristmas feat Saytek

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  • kRANKENHAUSERS we have finally found a hAUS to kRANK for kRISTMAS and let us tell you this venue is going to be the hottest of hotspots to arrive in East London since the arrival of Bar 54.The venue is swanky and intimate and has a capacity of 300 people but we are going to limit the number to 250 cos we like intimate but we also like SPACE. :) As in our mission statement we will not tie ourselves down to any party-type which is why we are happy to announce the first of our monthly Saturday night excursions. Featuring...... sAYTEK 'Live from the seal-pit' aLBUMN lAUNCH tOUR........ ---------------- This young London dj has been more then creating a stir among his peers and industry folk alike with his live performances and productions. A recent aquisition to Colin Dale's wildlife a.m stable Saytek has had DJs from Vonstroke to Digweed to Garnier all championing his unique sound with his live show being described everywhere as one of the most exciting and innovitive performances out there, its no wonder Saytek's "Live From The Seal Pit " been generating such a buzz far and wide. Heres what idj had to say.... "Rolling, forward-thinking and fresher than a brand new pair of crisp white undies, this is one all aficionados of techno and house should be reaching for, post-haste." 9/10 iDJ Magazine Recorded 'live' at what we feel was the white isles number one party for the summer of 2008-Zoo Projects IBIZA 'Seal-Pit' where the likes of Jose De Vina,Jamie Jones,Clive Henry to name but a few all performed throughout the summer. Saytek's edgy sound is genre defying taking in elements of Detroit techno, the new minimal-tech phenomen, tough house grooves and deeper leftfield beats. As well as arranging everything live Saytek's unique style is also defined by firing samples, resampling and layering 909 and 808 drum patterns into the mix. His performances have taken him to Europe’s top venues where his unique take on live dance music has earned him the reputation among many as one of the best underground live acts around. On the night Saytek will of be performing live and showcasing material from the album and some newer unheard musical gems for all you kRAKENHAUSERS. Albumn Info..... ----- **SAYTEK - LIVE FROM THE SEAL PIT - A LIVE ALBUM RECORDED @ THE ZOO PROJECT IBIZA **- CD OUT 08 DEC 08 : exclusively from and in all good shops from jan 2009 kRANKENHAUS kOLLECTIVE will be in the hAUS of course creating a musical ruccus with their brand of rousing deep electronic house and powerful base grooves in this sublime basement space as we also celebrate Trashed Promotions Head Honcho and our very own Danny Perrin aka CTRL 's birthday so expect a full-on party atmosphere. nEW nIGHT- nEW vENUE- aLBUMN lAUNCH- bIRTHDAY aND kRISTMAS cELEBRATIONS.....iT jUST gETS bETTER.
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