Tropicana Xmas Party with Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris

  • A weekly free Sunday soiree with Sunday Roasts, Fine Beverages, Cocktails, Music, Laughter and plenty of Disco Dancing plus Xmas treats, surprises and giveaways. Please find details of Tropicana's Xmas Sunday party and boy is it going to be a special one alongside the Tropicana residents Neil Thornton (Lasermagnetic) and Danny Clark (Late Night Audio) we welcome for a very unmissable christmas shindig Two very special guesl djs you would normally be hearing @ Fabric or some super club in Europe ...Tropicana proudly presents Mr Tim Paris (Marketing) and Ivan Smaggghe (Kill the Dj) who will be unleashing their awesome new production 'Its a Fine Line'. Their first release Woman on History Clock has found favour with James Murphy (DFA), M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical), Ewan Pearson, Cosmo, Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath). For their very special Four Hour set @ Tropicana expect the unexpected (As we know Ivan can do from his Wrong Meeting parties with Mr Weatherall) as the boys will be playing Forgotten Disco/ Rock edits/ early Techno. Proto House to more modern sounds alongside loads of their Its a Fine Line/ Choose Your Way new material and edits. As you can imagine this is going to a very special Xmas Bash with lots of treats and surprises planned for the party. Upstairs in the lovely parlour the lovely Johnny Russell of Lost and Found and Its Not adding the Cosmic Disco and Balearica. Its a Fine Line is the new exciting new project from two of Frances most in demand Producers and Dj's Tim Paris and Ivan Smagghe, for the most of this year (when they are not gigging all over the world) the guys have been working non stop in their studio in Hoxton on their Its a Fine Line/ Choose Your Way Project. The first fruits of their hard work is the Woman release on History Clock which has already found favour with both discerning house selectors and oddball disco jocks with DJ support from James Murphy (DFA), M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical), Ewan Pearson, Cosmo, Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath) Ivan Smagghe France's most wanted radio host and selector, Ivan Smagghe stands at the crossroads between glamorous parisian hype and musical integrity. His Test radio show and compilations imposed a new vision of leftfield electronica on Radio Nova and his programming for the two past years has been a faultless example of quality eclecticness. Though Smagghe hails from the early days of the Parisian underground - both through his connection with the defunct Rough Trade record shop and remixing contributions on various formats. Ivan plays reguarly @ Fabric where he has put out a compilation as well as his Suck my deck comp on Bugged Out and most of Europe's coolest clubs. He held a fantastic residency @ The Pulp in Paris every Thurs and was part of the uber cool electronic band Blake Strobe. Tim Paris After building up a dj reputation in ¨parisian underground circles, doing parties with Jef K, Chloé, Alexkid and Ivan Smagghe, Tim Paris teamed up with Jef K to help him develop the now infamous Crack & Speed label. Working the dancefloor but also developing his skills in the studio, Tim Paris had his first breakthrough with the remix of a rock tune called "Future Now" that had been picked up by Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision label and become one of the biggest underground tunes of 2004. From there Tim Paris didn’t stop but continued to release quality tracks and remixes. Now based in London, Tim Paris started in 2005 his own label, again with Jef K, 'Marketing Music' and is considered by both DJs and press as one to watch in a (very) near future
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  • Tropicana Xmas Party with Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris - Flyer front