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    Fokofpolisiekar / Kobus!
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  • Fokofpolisiekar & Kobus! R50 Presale ( R70 Door Doors open @ 21h00 Screening: ‘12 Mile Stone’ documentary will be screened at 22h00 Bellville Rock City CD / DVD Launch Bellville Rock City is a collector’s CD and documentary film project. The package includes: · A 13-track audio CD featuring 13 of Bellville’s most prominent Rock Groups/Artists. · A film about the Bellville Rock Scene. It will give the viewer an “all access, all areas” experience of Fokofpolisiekar, aKING, Ashtray Electric and others on tour. · 8 MP3’s from the archives of Bellville bands throughout the years. · 10 Music videos · A 48 Page booklet in which the musicians share their photos and experiences. 5 of the tracks have not been released on CD before: These include Jax Panik (Don’t wanna Dance), Die Heuwels Fantasties (Vinger Alleen), Ashtray Electric (Quite Overstared), Thieve (Last day December) and TATUM (The Parade). Fokofpolisiekar, Springbok Nude Girls, Foto na Dans, aKING, Jax Panik, K.O.B.U.S!, Van Coke Kartel, New Holland, Ashtray Electric, Thieve, Lukraaketaar, Tatum and Die Heuwels Fantasties are all from Bellville. Most of them have known each other for a couple of years and their friendships, personal bonds and shared musical interests are captured in the documentary. 12 Mile Stone Documentary: The success of aKING and Van Coke Kartel in 2008 legitimised the rumours of a rock ‘n roll scene in Bellville. The African Attachment followed aKING and newcomers Ashtray Electric to one of South Africa’s biggest music festivals, Aardklop, where they met up with Van Coke Kartel, Fokofpolisiekar, and 10000 fans. ‘12 Mile Stone’ is a story on the Bellville music scene, a view from the inside, established rock artists, emerging bands, and friends alike. Bonus material on the DVD disc includes rare MP3`s of tracks that are hard to find. It features songs from previous bands in which Francois van Coke, Laudo Liebenberg, Wynand Myburgh, Alex Fourie, Hunter Kennedy, Jax Panik, Johnny de Ridder, Francois Blom en Pierre Greeff played. CD 1: Audio CD 1. Ashtray Electric – Quite overstared 2. New Holland – Inside Out 3. Fokofpolisiekar – Ontken altyd alles 4. Lukraaketaar - Passievol 5. Die Heuwels Fantasties – Vinger alleen 6. K.O.B.U.S! – Swaar Metaal 7. Tatum – The Parade 8. Jax Panik – Don’t Wanna Dance 9. Foto Na Dans – Natuurlik Verlig 10. Springbok Nude Girls – Spaceman 11. Thieve – Last Day December 12. Van Coke Kartel – Buitenkant 2 13. aKING – I Believe CD 2: DVD 12 Mile Stone Documentary, 8 MP3`s and 10 Music videos 12 Mile Stone – a Documentary Film by Greg Fell & Dean Leslie of The African Attachment. MP3’s: From the archives: MP3 – New World Inside - Rock City (Hunter and Francois’ old band) MP3 – 22 Stars – Still Dreaming (Johnny de Ridder en Jax Panik) MP3 - 7th Breed - Fire Flood (Wynand Myburgh) MP3 – Springbok Nude Girls - Pappa ek wil ‘n popster word MP3 - VOD – a Beast is born (Francois Blom) MP3 - Time Spent - (Pierre Greeff en Laudo Liebenberg) MP3 - Fokofpolisiekar– Fokn Blades – Unreleased old FPK song MP3 - Trompie is Dood – Fluistergallery (Foto na Dans’ previous band) Music videos: Fokofpolisiekar – Ek skyn Heilig Foto Na Dans – Natuurlik Verlig New Holland – Shine Lukraaketaar – Om te Kan aKING – The Dance (alternative take) Van Coke Kartel – Verdoof, Vergiftig, Verskoon My Ashtray Electric – The Swing K.O.B.U.S! – Swaar Metaal Die Heuwels Fantasties – Vinger Alleen Jax Panik – Cigarettes and Cinnamon
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