Go!!! feat Heartthrob

  • Venue
    • 419 West 13th Street; New York; NY; United States
  • Date
    Thu, 11 Dec 200811:00pm - 4:00am
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    Derek Plaslaiko
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    • 28
  • Heartthrob (M_nus | Berlin) LIVE PA + Derek Plaslaiko (Bunker / Spectral) To anyone who has ever had the pleasure of knowing Jesse Siminski, I'll bet one of the first words that come to mind is "proud." Before moving off to Berlin to follow his dream, he was living in New York, DJing and playing host at some really great parties. All the while, he was refining his own sound in the production world, in addition to being a great friend. Since his move to Berlin, Heartthrob has given us some great releases from the Minus label (his debut EP "Time For Ensor," the instant classic "Baby Kate," and his massively well received "Dear Painter, Paint Me" LP released earlier this year instantly come to mind), as well as some mind-blowing remixes (Audion's 'Mouth to Mouth," The Knife's "Like A Pen," Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus," and Louderbach's "Grace (Anxiety)," among others) are still favorites among the community. But what the rest of the world gets on a semi-regular basis, we in the states are usually denied: Jesse's absolutely incredible live sets. A few months ago at the Minitek festival, the crowd was treated with a bassbin-blistering array of sounds that left pretty much everyone in attendance sweat-drenched with blistered feet and longing for more. If you were one of them, you get your wish. And if you weren't there, here's your second chance. Please join Jesse & I for the 7th installment of my GO!!! party at APT. It will surely be an all-night love affair with one of our favorite producers, and friends, coming home for one night only. Come early.... the sound is incredible, but the space ain't that big. See you there! GO!!! happens on the 2nd Thursday of every month at APT
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