Form Follows Funktion

  • Form Follows Funktion is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose. This series of events will feature international artists of two major movements: contemporary arts & advanced music. For the second issue, we are proud to present Ileana Pascalau who lives and works in Berlin after studying Art History and Fine Arts at the National University of Arts in Bucharest as well as the University of Arts in Berlin. Her work focuses on the representation of amusement which leads us to our musical program which features GERD – to many one of the most timeless house producers and DJs out there. The Italien duo Hard ton will be joining him to deliver their larger than life disco sound. Akirahawks – part of the Homopatik label and one of Berlin’s hidden gems – will round up this lovely line up. ILEANA PASCALAU Lives and works as an artist in Berlin. She has studied Art History and Fine Arts at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. 2012-2014 she received a DAAD scholarship for artists and obtained in 2015 her Master degree from the Berlin University of Arts. Her drawings focus on the representation of amusement practices found in the desire patterns of the contemporary urban night-life. The viewers are confronted with rituals of enjoyment, in which gestures animated by obscenity are captured like in a baroque tableau vivant. She is visually exploring the field of concepts like lust and pleasure with the same attention of a forensics analyzing the body of a crime scene. Details of skin, hair, clothing and bodily fluids are put under the looking glass. Even the medium of drawing and painting acts like a dissection instrument, exposing the intricate volumes and textures of the pathology of nocturnal amusements. GERD Gerd is the super productive and loveably outspoken Dutchman considered by many to be one of the most timeless house producers and DJs out there. He is at home crafting classic house bangers (as NY Stomp) as he is Chicago indebted tracks (as Geeeman) and also turns out deeper fair under his given name on labels like his own reliable 4lux, as well as Clone, Defected and many others. Testament to his house credentials is the fact he often works with majorly influential heavyweights including Larry Heard, Romanthony and MK. With more solo productions in the pipeline, Gerd is now as acknowledged for his club-owning dexterity on the decks as he is loved for his skills in the studio. HARD TON Hard Ton are the italian duo with a larger than life disco sound and a surprising love of metal. Fused together in 2008 from the musical loins of DJ Wawashi and heavy metal singer Max, Hard Ton met online through a site for hirsute loving – though very quickly it became clear their relationship was to be based on a mutual love of music. Sylvester-styled falsettos conjure up memories of smoky dancefloors during the heady days of Hi-NRG, which combined with a contemporary sound of accelerated beats and screaming acid basslines, shows a nod to the past can result in a slap across the face for the present. Using analogue and vintage gear, from the 303, 606, 707, Oberheim DMX, Korg Monopoly, MS20, Prophet 5, the music is as organic as synthetic music can be, their equipment living and dying by its own unpredictable rules. AKIRAHAWKS Discreet but firmly grounded in Berlin's night community, Akirahawks is one of its best hidden gems. Also deeply involved in the record label game, Akirahawks runs the ‘House Mannequin’ imprint alongside his label partner Shingo Suwa, which has enjoyed major support from true "wide-eyed" House legends. Being closely attached to Berlin’s most extravagant party, he’s also part of the Homopatik label, on which he’s been releasing music in collaboration with rising star Mr.Ties.
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