Brainticket Xpanded with Xpansul & Efdemin

  • Venue
    Caleido Club
    • Via Enrico Mattei 48/g, 40138 Bologna (BO), Italy
  • Date
    Sat, 29 Nov 200823:30 - 07:00
  • Promoter
    Francesco Fiore
  • Attending
    • 1
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    Xpansul [ES - Plus8, Ovum, Discos de Lata] Efdemin [DE - Dial Rec., Dessous, Cocoon] Local Heroes: Astin NoMoreTrouble Visuals by Blanche
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  • Xpansul: Santiago Ferrer, known to the most as Xpansul, started his career as a DJ in 1993 and since then he has been playing everywhere in the biggest clubs in Spain and Europe. Xpansul sound is techno: his sets are like flights into electronica where the Detroit-Chicago-Berlin-Cologne axis stands for the pilot and all other music influences are the passengers. Starting from 1998 Santi also started to write and produce his own music, gaining a bigger feedback from both the audience and critics since the very first releases, as a solo artist or together with his partner Daweed, on Audiodrome, Options, Isoghi and Soundplant. He founded his own Discos de Lata label in 2003 together with Daweed and Miguel Mendoza and started co-operating with Alexi Delano for a number of original tracks and remixes appeared on Plus8, Truesoul, Frankie Rec., Trapez and Leftroom, taking his already promising career to the upper level. His busy gig calendar shows how Xpansul is an artist of considerable merit, who’s here to stay. ______________________________ Efdemin: Phillip Sollman, on the scene as Efdemin, is indisputably one of the best club music producers around. The authoritative Redisent Advisor web magazine has elected him as “producer of year 2007” and approvals for his debut album of the same name came all across. This due to his ability to reconcile German minimalism and the techno-dub kind of sound typical of a master like Maurizio and of labels such as Chain Reaction and Basic Channel with the warm and deep sound of Chicago and Detroit old-style house. The keyword is bated ambient atmospheres coming from that liquid and profound sound typical of the label with which he usually publish his works, the highly rated Berlin’s Dial boasting artists such as Lawrence, Carsten Jost and Pantha du Prince in its roster. Phillip manages to collect all the best from the present scene in his DJ sets, with an impressing mixing technique and an insistent and embracing rhythm, features which allows him to be a resident artist into one of the most famous and nicest clubs in the world: Berlin’s Panoramabar.
  • Brainticket Xpanded with Xpansul & Efdemin - Flyer front
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