A Disco Stole My Baby!!!

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    Neil Terry (ADSMB!!!), DJ Silvio (Paradise Lost), Pete Dot (People Must Jam), Matt B-M, Mitch Buchanan, Michael Ozard, Pete Dot.
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  • Ho ho ho, behold, the festive season is fast approaching. Here at A Disco Stole My Baby!!! we prefer to ha ha ha in the face of over-zealous ‘goodwill to all men’ and are wrapping up the year, metaphorically of course, with a small but perfectly formed gift to all Discoers – a night of fine company, finer sounds and the finest blah blah bullshit to sell it to you. Of course, some will claim its miserly to not offer 90 DJs, 15 rooms and tickets that only cost in excess of a hundred dollars (plus ‘booking’ fee, because booking costs, alright). But surely it’s the thought (and promoter’s bank balance) that counts, and hence we’ve chosen to go with a mostly well considered stocking filler of a party rather than a bloated, water filled turkey of an event. Think of it as a quality dance music soup kitchen for nightclub vagrants, if you will. So, to recap, December’s ADSMB!!! won’t mean the kids go without that iPhone/X-Box/rehab membership/weapon (delete as appropriate), but will mean that the grown ups receive something they will actually appreciate from a loved one (that’d be us) this Christmas. Now ensconced firmly within the inner sanctum of the Civic Hotel, following November’s flirtatious first date we’re literally going down on the venue and providing aural stimulation to the heavenly body that is the sound-system of the Civic Underground at this rendezvous. The cosmic beats and deep House treats will be delivered promptly and in perfect condition, unlike items sent via Australia Post around a similar time of year. Though notorious for underage abductions on a dancefloor, this Disco has redeemed itself in some eyes by managing to pull another cracker (Google ‘shit puns’ for more, go on) of a local line-up of Disco pogo purveyors. Inviting you to sit on their respective knees in the ADSMB!!! grotto are Neil Terry (ADSMB!!!), DJ Silvio (Paradise Lost), Pete Dot (People Must Jam), Matt B-M, Mitch Buchanan, Michael Ozard and Chris Campbell, who will all be stroking beards and fumbling around sacks in the booth at some point during the evening. They’ve had lots of practice, believe. But, despite all this frivolity, lets be serious for a moment and take some time to reflect on what our end of year celebrations are really all about. Got your New Year’s Eve sorted yet?
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