Cerca Trova - Seek and You Will Find

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    Tolga Fidan (vakant) Hector (phonica records) Rico Casazza (cafe1001) Rossko (lost souls) Lee Rands (filthy gorgeous/wonky disko) DANIEL (bi-polar) DON BASTARDO on percussion (devils gun) BRADLEY ACTON visuals and lighting PFEVENTS.COM sound & engineering
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  • Once upon a time East London needed a real basement party. . . Cerca Trova invite you to connect the dots between house and techno. Our parties offer serious music for beautiful people, and beautiful music for serious people. If you have a passion for electronic music, or you are a clubber who just loves to dance, please read on. Our concept is simple. Carefully selected artists from London, South America and Europe, playing with passion in their music and an intelligence in their dj skills. Most of all we make sure the sound compliments the dance floor. And where better than three floors underground in east London. We only hold good parties, we're giving you a lot. In return we want to see smiles on the dance floor. Now all you have to do is seek and you will find us. . . >www.cercatrovalondon.co.uk<
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