Gazpacho Welcome From The Dead

  • Since 1492 Gazpacho was the name used for a cold Spanish soup, often made with a diverse blend of ingredients, and various garnishes added to taste. For this reason it’s also an excellent way to describe the DJing of Safari and Mike Callander. Each adds their own ingredients to create a musical blend that is much HOTTER than the Spanish soup, or this Melbourne summer. Featuring our very own GAZPACHO cocktail, a SPANISH BBQ every week, plus two of Melbourne’s most interesting DJs (their music is interesting too!) all in the perfect Sunday setting at Section 8. We’ll have guests, excellent BBQ food, and the good vibes that ought to flow when you can sit and smoke and eat and drink while immersing yourself in great music of all moods. And it’s FREE. Like a bird. Free to sit. Free to stand. Free to move.
  • Gazpacho Welcome From The Dead - Flyer front