Hive Twilight City Event 4: Uncanny Space

  • "I see the confusion of a city lost in transition from one age to another" (Derrick May on Detroit) As a new city slowly emerges from amidst the dust and clatter of construction, Hive's final Twilight City event - Uncanny Space - simultaneously sounds an elegy to Liverpool’s past whilst heralding its future through a celebration of the best in contemporary electronica and techno. Held in one of the city’s most exciting venues, each performance will revel in the endless possibilities of electronic music to move us from the past to the future. Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai, Raster-Noton) Founded in 1996, Raster-Noton has become one of the world’s leading electronic music labels; its minimal aesthetic extends beyond the realm of music into art and design and such breadth was rewarded with the coveted Ars Electronica prize in 2000. As Alva Noto, co-founder Carsten Nicolai has worked with the likes of Ryiuchi Sakamoto and Bjork and here presents his latest album, Unitxt. Based on the simple concept of digitizing the everyday content of his wallet, Unitxt sees compellingly precise rhythms, cavernous bass and robotic melody collide in a telling critique of the digital nature of contemporary existence. Uusitalo (Vladislav Delay) Uusitalo means ‘new house’ in Finnish, country of origin of Berlin based Sasu Ripatti whose many monikers include Luomo and Vladislav Delay. ‘Electronica’s omni-musician’ according to The Wire, each of Ripatti’s guises offers up a brand new take on vocal house, abstract techno and exploratory sound; reflecting on a past indebted to dub and funk whilst challenging the orthodoxy of the dancefloor. Donnacha Costello (Minimise) Revered across Europe as a pioneer of minimal techno, Donnacha Costello is perhaps one of the most important producers working in contemporary dance music. His recent Color Series releases beautifully captured the joy of analogue sound and were heralded as a milestone in contemporary techno. Unmissable machine music and a fitting finale to Hive Twilight City. Hive Visual Artists Utilising the amazing Kazimier space to its fullest extent, HVA will provide an unforgettable collage of film, graphics, imagery and light. Plus Hive Resident Djs and special guests
  • Hive Twilight City Event 4: Uncanny Space - Flyer front