Suol Open Air 2015

  • Attention! Since we’ve left you in the cold, without a Suol Open Air in Berlin in 2015 up to now, we decided to put our heads together with our friends from Neue Heimat to create something special. On Sunday, the 23rd of August we will celebrate Neue Heimat’s 1st Birthday in their marvelous Secret Garden with the crew: Till Von Sein, Chopstick & Johnjon, Larse, Meggy and Tender Games. Already plenty of reasons to put a big smile on your face but on top of that there will be NO additonal Open Air Fee! Nada. Zip-zero. For 2€ at the entrance you are welcome to enjoy the Village Market and the Black Market all day and of course dance until the sun sets with the Suol posse! Because this is us, and we do what we do.
  • Suol Open Air 2015 - Flyer front