Don't Techno Sh!t with Cardo

  • Underground music lovers don't spend your night looking for the right club, the right music and the right people !! DON'T TECHNO SH!T!!! On Friday 5th December Noisy Neighbours present "DON'T TECHNO [email protected] 54 Commercial Street We have to mention that last months Don’t Techno Sh!t was the best so far. Florian Meindl took 54 on one hell of a crazy ride. In a whirlwind of techno, like all of our artists and especially our headliners. He stuck two fingers up at the mainstream and proceeded on his missions of bringing you undiluted musical marvels. As we look back on the past months we have been consistently changing gear in an upwards direction and now we look forward to the last party of the year, a finale for 2008, with prosperous and focused thoughts for 2009! So for our next encounter on Friday 5th December 2008, we build our bridge's with Italy’s biggest techno institution. You may recall that back in October we instigated the UK debut of the founders Dandi e Ugo. Who literally scrambled our brains with an onslaught of underground sounds. Well this month we bring you one of the labels most promising protege's. The one and only Cardo. CARDO [Italo Business/ Autist] - The Lineup Cardo (Italo Business) Chris Stanford (Lost Souls) Tred Benedict (Noisy Neighbours) Margo Firelli (Noisy Neighbours) Kindlich Danilo Cardace aka Cardo is a young emerging artist from Cesenatico, Italy. At the age of 16, Cardo was already fully dedicated to creating electronic music. In 2004, he started performing live sets of minimal techno displaying his own unique sounds which have always been very dynamic and minimally ecstatic from the begging until present. Now still just 19 years old, this future star and recommended one to watch has plenty of time to reach to the top and is well on track to get there. Already with an extensive discography, on impressive Euro imprints such as Italo Business, Autist , Logical Musik and more. Also Cardo and friend, Elia are the creators "Audio Shooter" , Audio shooters sounds as well as Cardos own releases are supported by many world class artist and djs. You may know a few of them by name? Chris Liebing, Valentino Kanzyani , Dandi&Ugo, Joseph Capriati, Emaunuele Inglese, Fabio Giannelli ,The Dolphins , Markantonio , Xpansul , Harada , Monoroom , Mihalis Safras , Uto Karem,AudioJack , Umek and Shlomi Aber. This list could go on for a while, so we’ll leave it at that! Don’t put up with any sh!t replica parties with sh!t music and sh!t people ! DON’T TECHNO SH!T ! DON’T TECHNO SH!T @54 – FRIDAY 5TH DECEMBER
  • Don't Techno Sh!t with Cardo - Flyer front
    Don't Techno Sh!t with Cardo - Flyer back