Clinic Nye 'Intensive Care' Aftherapy

  • Clinic NYE "intensive care" aftherapy @ Rose Garden Thursday 1.1.2009 // 05:00-14:00 // age 20 ---------------------- Operation room: 05:00-14:00 KimiK (Pussy eau de Club) Roberto Rodriguez (Compost, Freerange) Paul Easy (Clinic) LIVE Coma (Clinic) Grin (Deepscan) Peak (Age of Love) ----------------------- Observation room: 05:00-12:00 Unik (Pussy eau de Club) Juju b2b Halla (Aero) Tony Profondo (Mixxed) Flinkki Special Ed (e2e4) ----------------------- Beatroot Chill out room: 09:00-14:00 Recue & Jolea LIVE Inkeri Tähti (Exogenic) Special Ed (e2e4) ----------------------- Tickets: Clinic visits booked in advance: 10€ incl. bf from & Street Beat, Charge at the Clinic reception: TBA Clinic information: X-rays: marX & the boys (Clinic)
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