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    SPOONBILL (live) (MELB, VIC) MYSTIC BEATS - solo (live) (NNSW) BENT INTENT (live) (CAIRNS, QLD) BUMBLE (live) (SYDNEY) MONKEY MARC (live) (MELB, VIC) MASHY P (Uberlingua)(Sydney) PESKY & PAPRIKAS (R.E.G.E.N)
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  • It is with great pleasure that REGEN Records will launch our next sustainable compilation CD on Saturday the 6th of December 2008. And you are invited!! This CD draws in the best down beat chill in the country and one artist from abroad for your listening pleasure. Of which the following artists will be joining us on the 6th of December: SPOONBILL (live) (MELB, VIC) MYSTIC BEATS - solo (live) (NNSW) BENT INTENT (live) (CAIRNS, QLD) BUMBLE (live) (SYDNEY) AND Including those talented artists not on the compilation this time but will be supporting and representing: MONKEY MARC (live) (MELB, VIC)(Down-beat dub project from one of the members of the pioneering band- COMBAT WOMBAT) MASHY P (Uberlingua)(Sydney) PESKY & PAPRIKAS (R.E.G.E.N) Some info about the sustainable CD: Manufactured from recycled and recyclable/compostable material using all natural inks and glues - REGEN records gives you the opportunity to feel and act positive about your listening choices. * The CD has been produced completely Carbon Neutral and has overall positive environmental impacts. * All packaging is made from recycled and FSC certified sustainable material including the new paper foam tray and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable when composted. * Printing was done alcohol free using vegetable inks, no volatile organic compound emissions from inks or coatings, and no use of quick dry glues with ozone depleting substances. * For every CD sold there will be 1 tree planted in the special Regen Records zone at the next R.E.G.E.N festival, you can even come plant them yourself! All profits go to environmental restoration and education projects.