Less with Cesare vs Disorder

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    special guest: Cesare vs Disorder (Stock5, Dumb Unit, Thema - London) residents: Eddie Krilov, Igal, Vadim
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  • Cesare Marchese aka Cesare vs Disorder (also Queen Atom or Sire Cactus). DJ, producer, record labels owner. Born 1980, Palermo, Italy from Italian father and Polish mother. Currently based in London. Musician since very young age, Cesare has started spinning records back in 1997 after years of classic guitar, piano, percussions and bass. At the time the love for Hip Hop, Dub and Drum'n'bass led him to study Sound Engineering before getting professionally in contact with House and Techno music. Since he moved to London in 2002 he has kept studying and producing but also djing around the world (Uk, Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Russia, Ukraina, Switzerland, Ireland, Brazil and USA) next to big names like Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Craig Richards, Lee Burridge, Heartthrob, Alex Smoke, Audio Werner, Losoul, Cabanne, Onur Ozer, Miss Fitz, Inxec, From Karaoke to Stardom, Benno Blome, Jens Bond, Jamie Jones, Glimpse, Argy between others.. Since 2006 Cesare has released (also forthcoming) Electronic music on labels worldwide such as: Resopal, Archipel, Stock5, Dumb Unit, Phonocult, Mean, Thema, SmallRoom Music, Serialism, Mineral Musica, Safari Electronique, UnfoundSound, SthlmAudio, MultiVitamins, EssentialReload, 6one6.. He also runs Mean, EssentialReload and is co-owner with fellow Stefano Pellegrini of Serialism. Out now: • Moody Londoner ep w/Marek Bois rmx - Stock5 008 • Burger city ep *with Rudolf w/Jens Zimmermann rmx - Archipel012 • Raum mix series vol 1_Glimpse (cd) - FWDK*with Rudolf- P.Vine (Japan) • Dreams of Home *V/a (2xcd) - [Sire Cactus] Deep Heart - 6one6cd04 • Bday county - Rudolf - Cesare vs Disorder rmx_Archipel046 • Slower lov ep - Mean05 Upcoming releases: • Surprise ep w/Rudolf - Stock5 (nov 2008) • Outta ep - Serialism06 [Queen Atom] - (dec2008) • Enemy of time ep - Dumb Unit [Queen Atom] - (nov2008) • Mean Empire ep - Thema (winter2008) • Kekoguer ep - Phonocult012 (fall2008) • Misunderstood - Glimpse- Cesare vs Disorder edit - Glimpse008 (winter2008) • Oh my frog! ep - Mean09 (january2009) • Refuse greed ep - Archipel (jan2009)
  • Less with Cesare vs Disorder - Flyer front