Noodle Xmas Frolics

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    Peter Mangalore (Human Shield) Jimmy Bolus (Plex / Delta-9) Felson (Delta-9) m0dular matt (Cascabel Records) B I N A R Y M E T H O D S Ally Reilly Mark Allen Matt Hinton DJ Weiss
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  • We were having so much fun in 2008 we didn't even realise it was almost time for Santa to make an appearance. We'd like to thank Darkmode, Luke's Anger, Electrode, Varicose Veins, Joel Attack, Foo, Computer Controlled, Bass Invaders, Sylvester, Spewis, Robin M, Smashback, Glove:r, Teutonic Kaboom, Mazzula, Digital Video Filth, Greyground, Solen, Felson, Margovan, The Outsider, Keir Hardy, Communicon, Mark Jacobs, MacP, Captain Chaos, DMX Krew, Spandex, Moon, Miles, m0dular matt, Cynthia Stern, Lief Ryan, LuSINda and our residents Ally Reilly, Mark Allen, Matt Hinton and DJ Weiss for all the great music. We'd like to thank Moog for having us shake the foundations every month and we'd like to thank everyone who has supported us. We've created something special. Long may it continue. 2009 is just round the corner and Noodle will be slowing things down a little, with just 4 parties next year. But first lets say goodbye 2008 and hello xmas with one last party...
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