Red Bull Soundclash

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  • Two bands, two stages, one night. The gloves will be off at Red Bull Soundclash on Thursday, 11th December at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion when two bands from different ends of the musical spectrum meet to duke it out. For one night only, eccentric hip-hop crew, TZU will perform head to head against modern blues rock band, The Vasco Era to win the favour of the crowd. Who will be crowned the Red Bull Soundclash champion? You be the judge! Hosts, Darren McMullen and Yumi Stynes will join DJ Leeroy Brown (Katalyst) centre stage as they lead the rival bands through the four rounds of Red Bull Soundclash. Each band will have their own stage at either end of the arena and will showcase their musical prowess throughout each round. For every round, the bands contest for points, determined by the crowd via the applause meter. The band with the most points after all rounds will be crowned king of the Australian Red Bull Soundclash. a) Warm Up – each band plays 3 of their own songs to pump up the crowd b) Round 1: The ‘Cover’ (creative round) – DJ Leeroy Brown cuts in a well known song and each band plays a cover version of the song in their own style. c) Round 2: The ‘Take Over’ (spontaneous round) - TZU plays one of their hits and on cue from the hosts, The Vasco Era take over the song in their style and then vice versa. d) Round 3: The ‘Sound Clash’ (innovative round) - DJ Leeroy determines the musical styles (eg. Reggae, punk, funk, etc) for each heat then cuts in a song for TZU to pick up from in the pre-determined style. The Vasco Era will then pick up the same style and ‘attack’ TZU then TZU will ‘respond’. This round ends with each of the bands ‘melting’ the song into one of their own tunes. e) Round 4: The ‘Joker’ (mystery round) - Each band plays one more song together with their invited special (secret) guest for the last opportunity to gain the crowd’s affection. Competition has always been part of musicianship. The idea for Red Bull Soundclash comes directly from the clashes between reggae sound systems in Jamaica. Going back even further in history, the composers Bach and Händel played against each other at the Habsburg court in Vienna. And then there are the New Orleans jazz bands, who have contested one another since jazz began… What: Red Bull Soundclash When: Thursday, 11th December 2008 Time: Doors: 7pm / Start: 8pm Where: Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park Precinct, Sydney Band 1: TZU Band 2: The Vasco Era Host: Yumi Stynes, Darren McMullen DJ: Leeroy Brown (Katalyst) Tickets: $20 + BF from (licenced all ages)