Make Me with Dial 15 Years - Efdemin, Lawrence & John Roberts (Live)

  • "We've been doing this label for 15 years. We're working very informally. We don't have an office, we don't have any kind of hierarchies, we don't have any employees. We just don't care about that stuff, we only care about our music, and what our records look like, and if it's fun for us. That's the most important thing. We only do things that we enjoy, the rest we just totally don't care about." Carsten Jost, 2015 Make Me are incredibly proud to be hosting a landmark event for one of the most respected labels in electronic music, with performances from three of its most talented artists. Over the past 15 years, Dial has seen a remarkable run of releases from kindred artists like Lawrence, Efdemin, John Roberts, Pigon, Pantha Du Prince, Roman Flügel and many more. Its off-shoot label, Laid, has since 2009 done similarly well on a deep house tip, with memorable releases by Rick Wade, Kassem Mosse, Smallpeople and RNDM. 15 years later they are still at the top of their game - Playing on the night: Efdemin After taking over Corsica’s main room for us last August for a head-to-head marathon with Cosmin TRG, Efdemin is heading back to South London to roll out another masterclass in quality house and techno. He’ll be taking control of Room 1’s exceptional Function 1 sound system for an extended peak time set. Check out his recent Electric Deluxe podcast for a taste of what to expect - Lawrence Lawrence's melancholic, measured brand of house and techno has been consistent in its quality for more than thirty singles, five full length albums and around fifty remixes. In the realm of electronic music, maintaining such a consistency of quality is rare; having your first releases sound remarkably undated over this length of time is almost unheard of. He is also rated as one of Europe's most talented club DJs and he’ll be taking over Corsica’s Room 2 for an extended set, as well as joining Efdemin in Room 1 for a rare back-to-back session to bring things to a close. John Roberts (Live) Since his seminal early releases on Dial way back in 2008, John Roberts has been something of a a fixture. His delicate, soulful, highly crafted sound being a perfect match for one of the most refined labels in electronic music. John’s live set has taken him around the world - gracing sound systems as dispersed as San Francisco, Tokyo and Berlin. John will be opening for Efdemin in Room 1 with an hour of what will no doubt be the most gorgeous house music you’ll hear this year. Support comes from Antepop in Room 2 with Make Me residents Rubin, Rupes and Nic Baird taking control of Room 1.
  • Make Me with Dial 15 Years - Efdemin, Lawrence & John Roberts (Live) - Flyer front