Code with Tommy Four Seven & Nick Morrow

  • CODE return to La Cheetah with Tommy Four Seven in tow, a man who needs no introduction to anybody who takes their techno seriously. This event will have a 4am finish. Having played at CODE on 4 previous occasions, Tommy Four Seven can be considered something of a regular. It was back in 2010 when Tommy first played at CODE but this - his fifth visit - is somewhat overdue and is definitely something to look forward to. Tommy Four Seven is one of the most prominent British DJs within the global techno scene and is known for his unique approach to production which gives rise to his trademark, industrial sound. Throughout the last year, Tommy has been busy launching his own event, entitled 47, which showcases new, emerging talent as well as some established names which have influenced or inspired him. There is also an accompanying 47 label, which features tracks penned by Tommy himself and guests of the events. Tommy's abilities - honed by relentless global touring - as a DJ are not in question and he has the ability to get a party going which few others can match. Come prepared to sweat! As always, there will be a limited release of tickets priced at only £6 available here on RA. These always sell out, so be sure to take advantage. Support from CODE resident, Nick Morrow.
  • Code with Tommy Four Seven & Nick Morrow - Flyer front