Localized V2.0 presents: Nosmo vs Kris B

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    • 640 N. Dearborn St; Chicago, IL 60654; United States
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    Sat, 22 Nov 200810:00pm - 5:00am
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  • Localized V2.0 presents: .:NOSMO v KRIS B:. There are very few producers who managed to put their first production on a track-listing from a Radio 1 Essential Mix. Even fewer can claim that feat with Sasha and to top it all off, during the Delta Heavy launch party at the WMC. It was no surprise that "One for the Road" was quickly signed to Hope Recordings and was followed by the formation of the live electronic group known as Grayarea. After AM Only picked up the rights to represent the group in North America, Grayarea took to the road for several headlining US tours. A few years and several number one chart singles later, Nosmo and Kris B are back in Chicago shacked up in the studio and aggressively pushing their agenda of on the edge, quality productions. Their imprint Nightshade Music focuses on the melodic side of tech and house and the techy side of progressive and house. Nightshade Music has quickly risen through the ranks mainly due to Nosmo and Kris B's relentless pace and a keen ability to place their music in the right places in the industry. Perhaps the most refreshing part of their recent success is the dedication they have shown to their vision of artistic future in their personal lives. It is a never-ending story of young artists making it big and slowly fading away into our residual consciousness and finally disappearing forever to some cubicle shaped reality that some insist on calling "real life." Nosmo and Kris B have shed all the artificial life ideas that our society drills into us every day. "Cold turkey" is the best way to get it done and after launching Nightshade Music in February 2008 the guys have never looked back. They have dedicated all their time to studio work, managing the label, and extensive touring both as DJs and with their unique live performance. NOSMO v KRIS B [nosmovkrisb.com , nightshade-music.com Wahi vs RJ Pickens Mario Florek vs Paul Universe
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