Babylon Radio Fundraiser with Boom Child & Ray Wingnut

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    Boom Child Ray Wingnut The Third Policeman The Ballad of Adam and Eve Davina Brady & The Messengers DJ Fassman
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  • We are going through some extensive changes here in Babylon Radio at the moment, and are in the process of moving studios. Our last studio suffered a break-in, in which three laptops and a smartphone were stolen. We’re taking big steps to ensure that the new space we’re moving into (right in the heart of the city centre) will be a much bigger and better set-up - allowing us to grow and provide more resources to Dublin’s multi-cultural community. We are in much need of equipment to get this studio set-up, so we’re organising a fundraiser to help assist with the cost. We have lots of bands and DJ’s lined up to play next Thursday in Sweeney’s until late, and the event will be broadcast live on! This party will also celebrate a brand new weekly schedule of shows - featuring people of all different backgrounds and countries - which we are very excited to be beginning to air the following week. We hope you can come to the gig, and if you can make a donation towards the new studio, be it big or small, we would be forever grateful!