Smirnoff Night Vison presents Take The Money & Run

  • Take The Money & Run organised by established promoter Alex Davidson. Featuring a host of drum & bass, hip-hop, and breaks talent, the night will also be showcasing a state of the art interactive lighting installation known as ‘Touch the Lasers’, which will use projectors to map visuals onto every flat surface of the venue including walls, speakers and ceilings. Using sensors to track sources of light in the venue, adapting its visual output according to the movement of the light sources it detects –it is possible to manipulate the visuals through dance. Alex comments; “The design is split into two sections: 'immersion' which is a language of projections which transport the audience throughout different textures and spaces, and 'infiltration' which is a laser like effect shone back into the audience which can be played with physically. It should be pretty special�
  • Smirnoff Night Vison presents Take The Money & Run - Flyer front