The Scene

  • Times are rough, and a bit surreal, it's time to let your body show, just how good you feel. In the days of yore, the people danced. "Back In The Day"... back then there was attitude, there was spunk, there was feeling, there was Funk. Thirty years on, music feels different. Everybody thinks he or she know best, but most of them can't really pass the good taste test. Dance Music has caught a sun burn, too much exposure with no protection. There are no references that can help bring back that vintage dancefloor action. Five Dj's want to take it back, call all their friends and make them jack 'till they break their back! Do the penguin, funky chicken or disco hustle, crump, jump, do the robot, the air guitar and the puppet, drop on the floor and roll around... just make sure, that you get down! From disco funk to house and dubby techno, the latest grooves or the classic choices, deep and funky stuff, and even old school electro... All it takes to help you get it on... it'll be a real five man Funk-a-thon. With the right people, we can make it crackle and pop, 'cuz only special records do we drop. Be you a music expert, or still a bit green... welcome, to The Scene.
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