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    La Greve Generale (UK) Will Deluxe (FR) Dwayn3 G (SP)
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  • "La Grève Générale had their computers running on overload and almost made the ram packed venue collapse..." - VICE La Grève Générale, one of London's most exciting current DJ duos, entered my life in a rather unusual way. I was going through one of my sporadic health kicks and was on an early morning jog, just coming round a bend behind Barcelona Zoo (the smelly one behind the hippos). I was listening to my iPod, turned as loud as possible to hide the sound of my ragged breathing when, through the sweat and pain I gradually became aware that I was listening to something quite special. The music shifted seamlessly from Pharrel to Miami Horror, through Daft Punk, The White Stripes, Guns'n'Bombs, to Nas and then into The Prodigy. By the time I got home I had decided to book them. LGG have received critical acclaim across the globe. They are frequently compared to 2Many DJs - high praise indeed but not unjustified, with elements of underground mash-up DJ, Girl Talk and perhaps a hint of Refused thrown in for good measure. They mix pure, non pretentious party music, combining electro, hip-hop, pop and indie with punk, b-more, fidget and a fair bit of Daft Punk. Regulars at Vice parties and Modular, they have also played clubs like Fabric and Turnmills in London, Klubb Ace in Stockholm, Stengade 30 in Copenhagen, KB in Malmo, Decatur Social Club in Atlanta, CMJ Festival in New York City to name but a few... So anyway, La Grève Générale are now my favourite DJs. I guess whether or not you think that is a good thing depends exactly which musical band-wagon you sit on, but I assure you, they are fantastic. Come and see them with an open mind and you will not be disappointed. For a taster, check out their myspace ( or download some of mixes from Vice ( or Big Stereo (
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