Knick Knack First Shot: Inkblots vs. Raw Waxes

  • We're starting off our second summer season by inviting Inkblots and Raw Waxes, two record labels we've been appreciating and working with, plus Inigo Kennedy, who already appeared at Knick Knack during our launch event ever, about one yeah and a half ago. Resident djs Haiku and I/Y will open and close the ballets. The most relevant news of this new season is the build up of the house music floor, which will be inaugurated by the 33-years old italian dj Dario Lotti. The remaining event conditions don't variate: 9 hours of music; venue located none knows where, and announced via private sms / google map position (only by getting the bracelet before midnight); sound system is powerful as always; olive trees surround the whole area; only polite people get the bracelet. Please feel free to get in touch on FB to know the event details.
  • Knick Knack First Shot: Inkblots vs. Raw Waxes - Flyer front