Spice Afloat

  • SPICE AFLOAT III :::: 03.30 :::: 01 JANUARY 2009 NEW YEARS SUNRISE CRUISE IT’S 3AM NEW YEARS EVE……..the streets are polluted by repugnant drunken riffraff that you would like to strangle……there are no cabs left within miles and you’re just roaming aimlessly thru the rubbish laden streets of Sydney You have been behaving like a greedy little vegemite all night and you have been indulging your fancies in the delights of the night. Your supplies are running low & things are looking a bit shady. The curtain to your NEW YEAR celebration doesn’t seem to be that far away : ( ENTER SPICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being the relentless little freak that you are, you just can’t drag your firy little legs home. You just gotta have another serve. THIS CAN”T BE THE END!!!!!!!! It’s not just you that feels this TUMULTUOUS REJUVENATION…it’s the whole SPICE revolution!!!!!!! The SPICY little UNDERBELLY of Sydney’s underground shakes to it’s feet and stands up to be COUNTED!!!!!!! Lingering in the peripheries for the better part of forever, we EMERGE whole hearted and full fisted from the darkest alleyways of the city & stand up to be counted after 4AM…..we will raise our techno hands in to the FIRST SUNRISE of the year triumphantly as we FLOAT about calmly on the HOTTEST damn Harbour in the whole universe. Australia’s Number One After Hour event goes seriously floaty again for ONE NIGHT (oops I mean Morning) only. Back for the 3rd year in a row, this one promises to be the BADDEST & LOOSEST one yet!!!!
  • Spice Afloat - Flyer front